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Student Organizations

Does your group or organization need funds to carry out a project, trip or initiative this semester? USEED will train your group on how to successfully reach your goal.


Crowdfunding has launched several prominent research projects into the public eye. With USEED, you can raise awareness and funding for your research.

Club Athletics

If your club athletics team wants to spend less time fundraising and more time competing, USEED will provide you with a proven game plan to fund your team's expenses.

College Affiliated Programs and Groups

USEED also accepts applications from other college-related programs, organizations, and academic units.

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USEED@UW was designed for

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Train you and your team to raise  thousands of dollars in 30 days

Provide you with tools that make fundraising easy

Empower you to rally your members around your mission

USEED@UW is a new program at the University of Washington created to help groups, organizations and programs at the University achieve fundraising success.

This program provides the tools and training to harness the power of crowdfunding,
today's most powerful online fundraising technology.

Once accepted, our program will:

What is USEED@UW?

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How does the program work?

1) Apply

2) Interview

3) Leadership Training

6) Steward

5) Fundraise

4) Champion Training

If USEED@UW seems to be a good fit for your project, please click the Apply button provided throughout this page to submit your project proposal. 

Applications that meet program criteria will be asked to schedule an in-person 1 hour interview. Entire leadership teams are strongly encouraged to attend the interview.

Once accepted into the program, we will host six mandatory training sessions (a total of 8 hours) with your leadership team to participate in order to prepare your team for the launch of your fundraising campaign. The program can be flexible in working with your team's schedules.

To reach your project's goal, your team must recruit volunteer fundraisers, called Champions. Each Champion is required to go through a 1-hour training session that will help them understand their role and responsibilities during the fundraising campaign. This training can be completed virtually. 

Once your leadership team and Champions have successfully gone through their training, your team will be ready to launch its campaign and will have 30 days to reach your fundraising goal. 

As your team raises gifts, you will have the opportunity to thank supporters, share updates with them throughout your campaign, and provide stewardship after it ends. Your team will always have access to your project's fundraising page even after your campaign ends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of projects are likely to get invited for an interview?

Although USEED@UW was designed to support many different types of projects that are affiliated with the University, there are three main qualities we look for in candidates who wish to apply to the program: 

  1. A great story
  2. Strong leadership team
  3. Large and active community

Applicants should show they have a clearly defined need for funds. Groups that have a passionate and committed leadership team are more likely to be considered for an interview. Finally, raising money through crowdfunding requires groups to have a large and active community of fundraisers. These are the three most critical factors for applicants to demonstrate.

Is there a size requirement for our leadership team?

Yes. All accepted projects must have a leadership team of 5-8 people who are fully committed to the fundraising success of their campaign. You do not need to have your entire leadership team identified in order to apply, but your group will have to form its leadership team before starting the Leadership Training Program.  

What does USEED@UW cost?

The cost of using USEED@UW is currently being covered by the University.

What type of training does the program provide groups?

USEED@UW is committed to training and educating groups on how to be effective fundraisers so they are adequately prepared for the launch of their campaigns. As such, the program provides two types of training: 

  1. Leadership Training Program: your team leadership will be given a mandatory 6-part training program, typically completed in 2-4 weeks, which fully prepares you to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. The program's step-by-step process will strengthen your leadership team's ability to coordinate your fundraising effort and help you organize your members into clear roles and responsibilities.
  2. Champion Training Program: For the rest of your team's members, they will receive a 1-hour training session designed to help them understand what crowdfunding is, how to use the USEED technology, and what will be expected of them throughout the fundraising campaign.

On average, teams that go through this training raise over $5,000 in 30 days.

What are Champions and how many do we need?

Champions are people who volunteer to fundraise on behalf of a particular fundraising campaign. Usually, groups will recruit members of their groups or organizations to join their fundraising efforts. The more Champions you have, the more likely it is you will reach your goal. You must have a minimum of twelve (12) Champions to launch a campaign.

Have more questions? 

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If we are a student group, do we need to have a faculty advisor?

Yes. All student groups who are accepted into the program must have a faculty advisor who will oversee your fundraising campaign. Your faculty advisor will be responsible for:

  1. Ensuring your campaign maintains compliance with university policy

  2. Administering the funds on behalf of the team

  3. Monitoring the campaign throughout the fundraising period

Your faculty advisor is not required to participate in any of the training offered by the program and is not required to participate in the fundraising process.


100 percent of all funds raised by your project campaign will be designated to your account, even if you do not reasch your goal. There are no program costs or fees to your team.

Do donations go completely to the project team?

Top 10 Tips for Crowdfunding Success

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1. A great story with compelling content that inspires. The video has a strong narrative; the campaign page provides evidence of the project’s potential impact; and the “impact items” show how specific gift amounts directly link to that impact.

2. A team of people who are intrinsically motivated to see their campaign succeed. In our program, these volunteers commit to a one-hour training session on how to craft their own personal appeal to supporters and send out fundraising messages to their personal networks.

3. Communities you can identify that will care about or could benefit from the campaign, including alumni networks. If those communities are active online, the campaign may “go viral.”


4. A university employee willing to serve as the "Sponsor" to provide oversight of the team and certify that all content and activity for the campaign will comply with university policy.


5. An appropriate goal relative to the size of the team. Our average trained fundraiser raises $400. Therefore, a campaign with a $5,000 goal (the average amount raised by crowdfunding campaigns) should have at least twelve (12) active volunteer fundraisers for success.


6. A 30-day limit for campaigns. Our data has shown that this is the most effective length for a campaign. It creates a sense of urgency and makes the fundraising process a “sprint” so volunteers and supporters don’t become fatigued by the process.


7. Coaching by an expert. With coaching from an experienced crowdfunding expert, which USEED provides, each campaign gets the hands-on guidance necessary for teams to take the right steps at the right time to successfully reach their goal.


8. Distributed roles and responsbilities. One leader is not enough to sustain a successful campaign. We have found a minimum of five (5) team leaders are required on a campaign, and we assign each leader specific roles and responsibilities.


9. Proper timing in outreach. Campaigns that reach 30 percent of their goal are very likely to reach their goal. We rely on volunteer fundraisers to achieve this critical tipping point. From there, additional promotion by the university can add great momentum.


10. Appropriate use of social media. Certain tactics work very well in raising donations from  social networks; others can be harmful. We provide teams with a proven playbook on how to use  Facebook and other social networks to add momentum to their campaigns.